Exercise Files for Class

This post will help you access files on which you learn these softwares in-class.

Follow these steps to access exercise files and bring them onto your Mac desktop in the Homer Rice Center at Georgia Tech:

Step 1

Look for a folder called “Classrooms” on the bottom menu on your Mac desktop in the lab. (this should be toward the bottom right of theĀ desktop).

Step 2

Single Click on this folder to open it.

Step 3

Look for a sub-folder called “AlisonV Classes” and single click on it.

Step 4

Look for folders as directed by instructor here, and drag them onto your desktop to make use of them for in-class exercises.

NOTE: Avoid using the exercise files without first dragging them and pasting them onto your desktops. This will help the source files remain intact, and will also help you have quicker and complete access to these files.